Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I hate ghosts. Not because they are scary or they can possess you. Because they are sneaky. That’s just wrong.
It’s true…movies have taught us that ghosts are sneaky bastards.
Ghosts always do that thing where they never let you just see them, they will appear when your back is turned or when you are lying down facing the other way. Then they will suddenly materialize or rise up from beside the bed and stare at you and then the moment you feel like something is watching and you turn around! Nothing.
Hmmm…probably just my imagination.
Do they stand there going, “Okay, hang back hang back. He’s still looking facing this way. Let him start peeing first. Dude! I said hang back! Your foot is visible, were you asleep through training!? Okay…he has turned away. He’s facing the bowl…I heard the zip opening. Okay, wait for you it wait for it…let him start peeing aaaannnnddd….NOW!”
That always happens too, the music always goes up ten notches. Like the ghost is carrying a tuba.

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