Monday, July 23, 2007

L0v3 iz Lif3......!!!

"LOVE":da word love seems 2 be very small but it has meaning,promisses nd a great sectrate hidden in it....we just think dat da word love can only be used 4 our lover means a grl wid whome we spent a small period of our life whome we called wife.....
But we can also love our parents,frndz,neighbourz nd any1 wid whome our llife iz joined,love iz a graet gift of God....we say love iz blind dats true bcoz 2 whome u love u decides 2 spent all ur life wid her/him either he/she iz of any religion,cast,colour u just want him/her in front nd u can do watever either rite or wrong 2 get him/her nd never cares of any1....dats da true love,but dnt know y sme ppl comes in middle 2 stop dem i cant understand wat do dey want dey r not da 1 who have 2 pass dere life wid 1 da couple have 2 pass dere remaining life no matter who love each other can pass dere life however dis all belongs 2 dem,either widout eating or widout luxary bcoz dey never cares of anything dere love iz everything 4 dem da love between dem covers all da difficulties which dey have 2 u my cute angel

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