Monday, September 10, 2007

And So It Gose....

In a while, I'll be going to my aunt's, where all my cousins and their parents are gathering. Because around 11.30 the entire pack of thirtysomething people are going to go to my other aunt's place and surprise her, since it is her birthday tomorrow.

Very sweet. But I haven't done my chemistry, language, urdu and additional mathematics homework.. plus I have a Physics test tomorrow on Magnestism for which I haven't studied either. Admittedly, even if we didn't have to go, I doubt I'd have ended up studying, since my mind has been preoccupied every fudging second. I'll move on.

A funny anectode? We got our O level certificates from Cambridge on friday, and it's no big deal but for some reason my mom got very excited and wants to freaking frame it and hantg it on the wall...!

I'm out. Will post later because yeah that's one way of dealing with disappointed. And definitely more healthier from what a friend suggested:

"Shut yourself up in a room, and smoke."

I do own a lighter, but I have no access to cigerattes. Plus, I don't smoke either way, and though I've tried it a couple of times, I honestly don't love it..


yasmine said...

i am so confused, because the spelling/grammar/writing style on this weblog keeps changing from post to post. hahaha

this part made me laugh:
"Shut yourself up in a room, and smoke."

i just might steal that as advice. =)

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Adnee said...

try pot.