Wednesday, August 8, 2007


All the incident was pre planned by Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI with the consent of President Musharraf. It was a tact to gain masses support and support from foreign countries for Musharraf. All the game was planned with the promises with Lal-Masjid administration that no action will be taken and nothing will happen. It was planned to moderate the effect of Chief Justice issue. On 3rd July, 2007, Govt presented objectionable material in court against Chief Justice. The Justice listening this case objected on presenting such material and surcharged the govt. It was a big blunder made by Musharraf and his team. To moderate and even end this issue, Agencies started sever agitation in Lal-Masjid. At the end the Lal-Masjid administration was agreed to accept the peaceful evacuation but govt. deliberately sabotaged the affairs and went for operation.Dear brothers and sisters, in this game, innocent people and students have been martyred and these were all those who were gaining the Islamic knowledge. T he no. of casualties has been reached to more than 700. The Govt is lying that there are only 60-70 casualties. There were about 2000 students in Madarassa, 1300 came out of madarrasa, where are rest of the 700+ students. Now the Govt. is planning to vanish their dead bodies.

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